Audio Trigger To MIDI Note in Ableton Live

This Max for Live device lets you convert audio (trigger) signals to MIDI notes with a pre-set velocity.

This comes handy for using drum triggers/electronic drum pads directly plugged into your external audio interface – NO TRIGGER TO MIDI INTERFACE NEEDED! –

Ableton Live 11 + Max for Live is required to use this plug in.

How to use drum triggers with Ableton Live


  1. Create an Audio Track and place the “Audio Trigger to MIDI Note device” on there.
  2. Plug-in your pad/piezzo/trigger into your external sound card – MAKE SURE THAT THE GAIN IS ALL THE WAY DOWN + PHANTOM POWER IS OFF!
  3. Route the AUDIO from your external sound card TO the audio track in Ableton Live.
  4. Adjust the threshold for the incoming audio signal – when the signal is going over the threshold a MIDI note will be triggered.
  5. Set the MIDI note pitch + velocity you would like to be created.
  6. Set the MIDI Track the MIDI should be received on.
Drum Trigger to MIDI

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