Change MIDI CC# in Ableton Live

Change MIDI CC# in Ableton Live

The CHANGE CC# Max for Live device lets you change incoming MIDI CC (Control Change/Continuous Control) messages to a different controller number.

Just drop it on a MIDI Track in Ableton Live where you are receiving MIDI CC messages, switch on one row for each CC controller number and
select the CC#-In for the receiving number. You can then select the controller number in the CC#-Out section to switch to sending out to. If you
want to send the original CC# out as well, just switch on the “Through” function for the dedicated row(s).

Convert MIDI control change messages to a different number.

Note: You can only select the same CC#/controller number for each device once but if you want send/switch one CC# coming in to multiple
CC# just use more plural devices with the “Through” function one after another.

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