Live Quantize (stiff) – eDrums to Ableton Live

This is a MIDI Effect Rack for Ableton Live. You can just drag and drop this on a MIDI track e.g. in front of a Drum Rack. The “Live Quantize” device is designed to route MIDI notes coming from an electronic drum kit/pad (using General MIDI Drum Map standard) to single drums and groups: Kick, Snare, Snare Rim, Toms, Ride, Crash  –
Every single/group hits here can be adjusted tocertain note values relative to the master tempo and being quantized live while playing. A straight foward way to live quantize edrums to Ableton Live.

Live Quantize eDrums to Ableton Live

Of course this means notes are being pushed back to the next note value which is selected for this drum/group. The quantization is always 100% and on the spot. This leads to some ‘stiff’ -ness. In other words: Creating a funky or jazzy feeling with this device is not what it is intended to do.

If you are going for some 4 on the floor techno feeling this device might suits you.

This device won’t make you a better drummer instantly and is based on the technique of playing slighty early or spot on. But still gives you an easy way to live quantize edrums to Ableton Live.

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