Quad Cortex Automation with Ableton Live

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex is a popular choice for stages worldwide, often paired with Ableton Live. You can switch presets on the Quad Cortex using MIDI, allowing for automatic selection of guitar sounds and effects. However, setting up Program Changes from Ableton Live and sending the correct MIDI CC can be a bit tedious. To simplify this process, I created a Max for Live device. With this device, you can quickly and easily set up automations for your Quad Cortex. Click the image below to access the guide on setting up the Quad Cortex Automation with Ableton Live.

Quad Cortex Automation with Ableton Live

This Max for Live device lets you control and automate Setlist, Preset and Scene selection on the Neural DSP Quad Cortex with Ableton Live.


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