Sustain Notes in Ableton Live – Max for Live devices pack

This pack consists of 5 Max for Live devices which are about handling sustaining notes in Ableton Live.

With those devices you can fix the “hanging notes” issue, create “Sustain Pedal” without a sustain pedal but different MIDI controllers and you can change MIDI notes to use the “Sustain Pedal MIDI CC# 64” to change MIDI notes off for using them with notation software or other techniques in Ableton Live. (= NOT using the MIDI Continuous Control value (CC# 64) for the “Sustain Pedal” message but extend NOTE OFF messages to be triggered. This comes in handy when using techniques e.g. like the “Synced Pitch Trigger” – Max for Live device.)

Hwo to fix sustain in Ableton Live

You will get:

1) “Translate Sustain to Note On + Off” which can be controlled via the GM MIDI CC64 which is usually send from a sustain pedal

2) “Sustain Buttons” which can be triggered by mouse click or MIDI/KEY MAP via 2 buttons, one for ‘Sustain-On’ and one for ‘Sustain-Off’

3) “Sustain Toggle” which triggers ‘Sustain On’ + ‘Sustain Off’ via one toggle button.

4) “Fix Sustain and Stuck hanging notes” – will make sure a “Sustain Pedal Off” Message is being send as soon you stop Ableton Live’s transport.

5) “Block Sustain / CC#64” will block all sustain infos from MIDI clips or live MIDI note input.


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